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Do you have a business which is struggling to meet its targets for sustainability – or would simply just like to become more environmentally friendly? This service is a simple way to improve your green credentials and can also cut down on costs.

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Each year, businesses  let tonnes of glass go to waste instead of recycling – but an innovative new service is set to change the landscape of recycling in the area.

FreeCollections.co.uk, is introducing a free glass waste collection service for businesses, removing both the administrative and financial burdens which are a barrier for businesses who are reluctant or unable to recycle.

Spaces on the innovative scheme are limited, and FreeCollections.co.uk anticipates high demand.

Please note our service works on a one for one basis. for example if you have 1 general waste collection a week you may be eligible for 1 free glass collection. If you have more glass collections than general waste then you will have to pay for the extra collections. This service is only available to businesses if you are not eligible then you will be offered a quote for your waste collections

As a nation we are, unfortunately, still way behind when it comes to recycling, and reducing unrecycled business waste is a crucial aspect of tackling the problem. Many businesses are still putting glass into their general waste bin, for a variety of reasons. Some don’t think they have the time to take their glass to a suitable recycling centre, or many are put off by the cost of having their waste glass collected.

We’re removing those barriers to offer businesses the opportunity to have free recycling collections – a huge boon for businesses with lots of recycling, and a simple way to help a business ‘go green’. We hope that this will push recycling rates in the area up dramatically and make the UK a shining example of recycling excellence.

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If you have a general waste collection and glass collection you can sign up for a free glass collection today, complete the form below.

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  • You’re eligible for a free glass collection* subject to terms & conditions.